hello, Sepp.

"hello, Sepp." is a free online betting game originally created for UEFA Euro 2016 in France. The goal was to create a simple application that allowed users to create and join groups for them and their friends, competing against each other for the most points.

Because of the social focus, the website did not award any official prizes, instead providing a platform for people to host their own betting game between people they knew in real life.

For each game, a user could bet on the result he expected. The more accurately a user guessed, the more points they were awarded for the corresponding match. A highscore for each group allowed the group members to determine the winner.

Landing page The landing page of hello, Sepp.

After signing up with either their facebook account or their email address and a password, users could see all upcoming matches and place bets on the result of each one. These bets were then stored but still hidden from the other users belonging to the same groups.

Match and bet overview page Overview page showing all matches and the user's bets

Users in a group could see the aggregated tendency of all bets in their group for an upcoming game. The exact bets of all the team members could be viewed only after a game had begun and they had been locked, preventing users from strategically betting depending on what their groupmates did.

Groups overview page Overview page of all the user's groups

Users could create unlimited groups, allowing them to run distinct competitions between friends, classmates or coworkers. After creating a group, other users could join the group through a unique invitation code provided to the group owner.

Members also had the option to copy an invite link leading directly to a landing page for joining the corresponding group. This link made it easier for users to share a group through messengers and social media.

"hello, Sepp." was created using Ruby on Rails, with a custom, responsive front-end based on twitter bootstrap. The application was hosted on heroku. SendGrid was used for sending some transactional emails.

"hello, Sepp." was built in collaboration with Max Wallner (www.maxwallner.com)